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Transporting newborn infants requires an environment that will keep them safe and warm. Until now, the only way to guarantee this has been to use a heavy, cumbersome, and physically large transport incubator. These expensive devices require an electrical supply to function and are not readily available as they require additional equipment, time, manpower and dedicated vehicles.

The Baby Pod II was conceived as the answer to the question ‘how can we transport an infant patient safely from A to B, protecting the lives of the patient and crew in event of accident?’


Typically, in the event of a road traffic accident, a conventional transport incubator could break free from its mounting, endangering the lives of both the patient and of crew members. The weight of a typical incubator can be up to 120kg, and as such is incredibly difficult to secure to an ambulance safely. In the past, both injuries and deaths have been caused due to incubators breaking free during a crash.

The Baby Pod II’s carbon/composite fibre construction allows for a transport device with dramatically reduced weight from a typical solution. Weighing less than 10kg, it can be secured to any common transport stretcher, in any road ambulance, fixed-wing or rotary aircraft.

This flexibility reduces the need for a transport team to wait for the availability of a specific incubator or ambulance, reducing the time taken to transfer the patient. When times of the essence, this is important both for the well-being of the patient, and for the availability of the transport team to attend further transfers.

The Baby Pod II is designed with the safety of the infant in mind

The hi-tech carbon-fibre construction of the Baby Pod II has undergone crash testing to comply with 10g European Ambulance Standard (CEN 1789) requirements.

The Baby Pod II has been tested with an acceleration/deceleration of 10g in all directions representing a crash at 55 kilometres per hour (30 mph) and is the only transport device world-wide be tested and approved to this standard.

Inside the unit, the infant is comfortably secured in position by a vacuum mattress and soft infant positioning straps. The vacuum mattress is moulded around the patient then the air is removed with the aid of a vacuum pump to hold the mattress in shape. This provides a soft, yet rigid support for the infant during transit.

Providing for ease-of-use, warmth, and mobility

The Baby Pod II offers the features provided by standard transport incubators without the complexity of design. Ventilators and oxygen therapy equipment can be easily attached to the pod using custom designed brackets with access ports allowing tubing and direct patient contact without ever opening the pod.

Warmth is provided by the clinically proven TransWarmer® Infant Transport Mattress. This unique exothermic gel, mattress provides a constant 38°C (100˚F) temperature for up to two hours.

The Baby Pod II weighs only 9.5kg (21lbs) and is intended for infants up to 8 kilograms allowing a single person to easily lift and maneuver the pod.

The most cost-effective transport system in the world

As the overall size and interior environment of the Baby Pod II is minimised to reduce weight, the consumption of supplemental oxygen is also reduced. Regular transport incubators require up to 8 litres per minute to reach a 36% concentration. An oxygen flow of 2 litres per minute in the Baby Pod II will maintain this concentration. This reduction in oxygen consumption increases the cylinder duration by up to 400%.

At a cost that is less than 20% of a standard transport incubator, reduced oxygen consumption, lighter carbon-fibre construction and enhanced safety features, the Baby Pod II provides a simple, safe and cost effective solution to infant transport needs.

Ventilator and additional equipment

The Baby Pod II is designed to be a flexible transport solution. Additional components can easily be mounted to the unit itself or to the trolley or stretcher on which the Baby Pod II is secured for transfer to the ambulance vehicle.

Optional brackets to mount syringe drivers, pumps and ventilators are available. This additional equipment can be mounted on the head or foot end of the pod with access through specific slots in the lid. A flexible, multi-directional holder inside the Baby Pod II, helps keep the tubing for this additional equipment in place within the pod environment.

With the new Baby Pod mounting platform, further flexibility is available with mounting points for both a ventilator and monitoring equipment for placement during transport, and more features on future models will bring even further mounting points, making the Baby Pod the most scaleable transport device worldwide.

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Infant Weight Limit
2-8kg (4.4-17.6lbs)

1000 x 430 x 300mm (L x W x H)

9.5kg (21lbs) without patient


Standard Compliance
CEN 1789
BSEN ISO 9001/2000
BS EN ISO 9001/1994