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Baby Pod 20 announced

July 4, 2017 6:47 am

Baby Pod 20

Our original flagship product, the Baby Pod II Infant Transport Device, was developed to fulfil a requirement for a safety-focused, easily manageable solution for inter/intra-hospital transport of neonates, and provide a lightweight and cost-effective solution for when a full transport incubator is not required.

In 2017, we launch a new evolution of the Baby Pod, incorporating over a decade of user feedback and advances in design and material technologies, to provide an even lighter, even stronger and safer way to transport small infants and newborns. The Baby Pod 20 represents a step forward in materials, design and functionality, and will be the replace the Baby Pod II in our range as our core product for the transport of neonatal infants.

New features

Significant key features of the Baby Pod 20 are an even lighter, thinner carbon monocoque shell, making this more lightweight unit even easier to handle than ever before.

The necessity of the user to have unimpeded access to the patient, even in a very space-restricted area such as the interior of an aircraft, has led to the introduction of a sliding lid-canopy. The entire front section of the Baby Pod 20 canopy slides over the rear section, giving full and free access to the head and upper body of the patient. The lid then further retracts to eventually fold over the rear of the Pod, giving access to the entire interior, and to the whole body of the patient.

A new strapping system, with high-tensile webbing and metal buckles, means that the Baby Pod 20 stays secured to the transporting stretcher under up to 9kN of force, exceeding current European Ambulance requirements (CEN 1789) and with the intention to satisfy ever increasing air transport regulations. The new strap a fixation method also keeps the entirety of the webbing material external to the Pod interior, requiring no need to disinfect the webbing between uses, making cleaning quicker and easier.

We’re pleased to announce today that the Baby Pod 20 is available immediately through our existing range of medical device distributors. Visit the Baby Pod 20 product page for more information.

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