The Baby Pod range
from Advanced Healthcare Technology

Transporting newborn infants requires an environment that will keep them warm, safe and secure, and until now the only way to guarantee a warm environment for the baby has been to use a heavy, cumbersome and physically large transport incubator.

These expensive devices require an electricity supply to function, are not always readily available, and most require dedicated vehicles.

Using the same technology, materials and design features that protect Formula 1 racing car drivers from injury during a crash, the revolutionary Baby Pod range provides the security and warmth that a newborn needs, at a fraction of the cost of a standard transport incubator, in a package that is light, easy to handle, and can attach to any transport stretcher currently available.

Our original flagship product, the Baby Pod II Infant Transport Device, was developed to fill a requirement for a safety-focused, easily manageable solution for inter/intra-hospital transport of neonates, and we've since applied this same ethos of patient safety, warmth and comfort to provide much needed solutions in other areas of in-hospital neonatal care.

In 2017 we launched its successor, the Baby Pod 20. Using a decade of user feedback and experience, blended with technological advances in materials and design, the new Baby Pod 20 is a lighter, stronger unit, with greater patient access and usability, and a stronger fixation method to satisfy ever increasing aviation requirements.

The Scan Pod, launched in 2012, is a portable, in-hospital environment for the imaging of neonates with MR/CT and X-Ray, and 2015 brought the Evac Pod, a solution for emergency evacuation of infants from the PICU in the event of a fire or natural disaster.

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